Plus2 Capital

Plus2 Capital is a private investment firm with a committed capital base. We seek to acquire small and medium sized businesses with roughly $1M-$3M in EBITDA, and annual revenues between $4M and $20M.

Execute a successful exit.

As business owners, we understand the challenges you face in trying to successfully sell and transition a company. It’s not easy. But we’ve been on your side of the table. We will work to provide stability, and reinvigorate a spirit of growth and enjoyment inside each company we acquire.

Please know that we are experienced operators and born entrepreneurs. Our group has a strong track record of maximizing growth through online marketing, and custom technology. After starting and selling four of our own companies, we formed Plus2 Capital to find new opportunities.

Our long-term investment strategy.

Our approach is to find unique companies that already have a great track record, purchase them, and continue to build towards future long-term success.

Interested in a conversation?  Please contact us or call 858-375-6165.