Deal Exploration

It all starts with how we get along with one another.  Whether we meet through a banker, attorney, personal referral or marketing material, we want to work with people we get along with.  Expect to have two exploratory phone calls where we discuss your business, and our approach to acquisitions.

Under a non-disclosure agreement, we will review your financial performance and key company information.  An in-person meeting should follow soon after, if we are both interested in pursuing a transaction.

Agree on Terms

We will submit an indication of interest (IOI) for your review.  The next step in the process is a full letter of intent (LOI).  Our terms typically involve a combination of equity from our fund, senior debt, and a small component of seller carry or earn-out.

Due Diligence / Closing

With a signed letter of intent, the “real work” begins.  Expect 60-90 days of due diligence, during which we will share an extensive checklist of items to be collected and reported on the business.  A quality of earnings (QOE) report will be completed during this time by a third-party CPA firm.

We will be in contact daily, and visit you in person often.  Our legal representatives will draft a purchase agreement and work with your attorney(s) towards close.  We will remain sensitive to your wishes on disclosure amongst your staff and customers.

In general, we’re an easy group to work with.  At this point in the process, the “big points” should be out of the way and our collective goal is to close the transaction on time.


Transition timelines and plans can very greatly by company.  Most likely, we will be working together well after the close of the deal.  This is our opportunity to introduce ourselves to your staff, and learn about them professionally and personally.  It’s exciting!  It’s also the time when we roll up our sleeves, and assume leadership of your company.

Many investor groups have formal transition teams and 90 day plans.  We’re not that fancy.  We’re entrepreneurs at heart.  Our true task during transition is to continue the momentum of success inside the company, and work hard to make improvements over time.